Aerobic Digestion

Wedgewire Screens

Wedge Wire Screen In Use

Wedge Wire Hydroscreen for Raw Juice Processing Facility

Wedge Wire Waterfall Screen for Brewery

Wedge Wire Waterfall Screen

Self-Cleaning Wedge Wire Screen

Wastewater Treatment for the Beverage Industry

Wash Bays

How an Advanced Wash Bay Water Reclamation System Works

Wash bay Testimonial From RDO Equipment Company

Wash Bay Testimonial – Don Brocco at Sea Mist & Ocean Mist Farms

Pond Treatment

Aerobic Water Treatment Pond with Measurement and Flow Control

Water Treatment Pond | Settling Tank with Sludge Pump

Pond Aeration


Keeping Dry-Fed Bacteria From Binding in a Feeder

Using a Programmable Volumetric Feeder to Dose Bacteria

Turbine Aeration | Need Dissolve Oxygen?

Self Cleansing Basin

Self-Dumping Dewatering Hopper