Our Approach

Industries rely on ClearBlu Environmental to design and build water treatment solutions to meet their business goals with top-of-the-line wastewater treatment equipment. We know every company is different and you prefer a custom approach. While a winery may benefit from one of our low-energy micro-bubble surface aerators, a heavy equipment dealer may require heavy mud handling and separation equipment. Depending on your wastewater treatment requirements, we may recommend a variety of equipment types.

Equipment for All Processes:

Pre Treatment Equipment

How effectively the pre-treatment process is implemented will dramatically affect primary treatment. In this stage, one major focus is pH balancing. Our system automatically calibrates the to the correct pH range, and includes a self-cleaning probe, which makes it a great choice. Another important part of this stage is solids separation, and there are several products that can get the job done.

Primary Treatment Equipment

The primary treatment stage mostly focuses on aerobic digestion systems. ClearBlu specializes in equipment for these systems, which adds powerful benefits to wastewater treatment.

Tertiary Treatment Equipment

The Tertiary Treatment stage makes wastewater usable for applications such as tank washing, CIP, irrigation, and more. This can be done through the sterilization process and the equipment used to get wastewater ready for final use.

About ClearBlu Equipment

ClearBlu is both a design/build system supplier and a manufacturer of sustainable wastewater equipment and products. We provide end-to-end solutions for wastewater treatment and water reuse or reclamation. We’re a full-service water treatment company. From manufacturing to systems integration to system installation and service, we apply sustainable technologies to process wastewater.

We strive to be innovative and lead the industry with better equipment and system technology, efficiency, sustainability, and longevity. Partnering with ClearBlu means getting more our of your equipment.