Superior Settling Tanks

If you are struggling with fine solids that slip through conventional screening methods, our cone bottom settling tanks are an effective solution for separating these elusive particles. ClearBlu’s innovative settling tank systems concentrate settled solids at the bottom of the cone, ensuring efficient removal and disposal.

Solids Separation

Cone bottom settling tanks provide a reliable means to settle fine solids that evade traditional screening processes. Their specialized design facilitates the concentration of settled solids at the bottom of the tank, preventing them from re-entering the process stream. This results in cleaner and overall improved system performance.

Streamlined Operation

Our settling tanks are equipped with automatic pinch valves, ensuring seamless operation and precise control over the discharge of settled solids. These valves can be programmed to release solids manually or on a scheduled basis, optimizing the removal process without the need for constant supervision.

Enhanced Oil and Grease Management

Unlike conventional separators, ClearBlu’s settling tanks ensure efficient separation of oil and grease from settled solids. With oil and grease extracted at the top of the tank, there’s no risk of co-mingling with the solid waste, maintaining the integrity of your wastewater treatment process.

Tailored Solutions For Your Needs

ClearBlu offers a range of settling solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you are dealing with heavy particulate loads or fine solids, our experts can design a system that meets your needs.┬áTo get more information on all of ClearBlu’s solids settling solutions, contact us or request a free consultation for your own system.