Sustainable Solutions

As a full-service water treatment company, ClearBlu is the logical choice for all your wastewater needs. We use only best of class sustainable technologies and focus on innovation and outstanding customer service.

ClearBlu serves a wide variety of industries, including food processors, wineries, breweries, and industrial washbay clients. We know your success depends on our professional systems. We know water reclamation and help our clients reuse their wastewater, lowering fresh water costs as well as wastewater disposal costs.


ClearBlu installs the most effective winery wastewater systems on the market. Discover how we can eliminate sludge, reduce your water treatment time, lower your energy consumption, and reduce your maintenance time. Read about all our winery solutions.

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Both small and large craft brewers know they can depend on ClearBlu Environmental. That's because we custom design all our systems, based on your usage. Our effective wastewater treatment solutions help you meet municipal guidelines.

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Food Processors

If you're a food processor, you deal with copious amounts of wastewater. Let ClearBlu Environmental simplify your treatment process. Learn more about our non-chemical sterilization methods.

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Industrial Washbays

Our rugged and well-designed washbays last up to 20 years. Can you find another company that makes that guarantee? Read all about our high-end industrial washbay features and capabilities.

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We’re licensed general contractors. That means our projects exceed strict construction standards. It also means you’re protected by our bonded service, liability policy, and insurance coverage.

At ClearBlu, we’re serious about sustainability. The systems we design and build use few to no chemicals. Not only is this approach friendly to our environment, it also makes economical sense. You have less waste and can reduce the use of fresh water.

From wedgewire screens to biodigesters to dewatering hoppers and so much more, we’ll design a wastewater system based on your concerns, needs, and use. We look forward to helping you save time and money. Trust the experts at ClearBlu for all your wastewater solutions. Contact us today.