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About Package Systems

The full treatment of wastewater to reduce organic loading and/or enable the reuse of treated water is becoming a more common requirement for industrial users across the country. Many facilities do not have sewer access at all. Therefore, conserving water conservation, increasing sewer fees, and increasing limits in municipalities are all factors on how wastewater is handled and what regulations are required. Complete treatment options for high BOD waste are varied.

wastewater package systems

Treatment ponds are a common solution for facilities that have ample space available, but this solution is not realistic for many industrial wastewater generators. Space-constrained facilities need small footprint options that allow them to meet discharge requirements or enable water reclamation if desired. This is where ClearBlu Environmental’s packaged wastewater treatment systems shine. We implement our highly effective microbubble aeration technology into self-contained systems that are customized to the needs of your facility. These systems are highly desirable in situations where there is very little space available to dedicate to wastewater treatment, or if the facility has land, but simply cannot justify giving up valuable space that would otherwise generate revenue (planting additional vines at a winery, for example).

packaged wastewater treatment

Packaged wastewater treatment systems are highly customizable to fit the varying needs of facilities. The system may consist of some combination of biodigester(s) and/or poly tank(s). A biodigester is a marine-grade aluminum or stainless steel tank constructed with an over-under weir system and packed with fixed film media. They are the heavy lifters of a package system, as they have been shown to process waste up to 10 times faster than an open body of water. Their unique design provides the ultimate environment for bacteria to thrive and process organic waste efficiently. The coalescing media provides a surface for bacteria to adhere to, which has been proven to increase their efficiency versus free-floating in water. The design of the media provides thousands of square feet of surface area in a very small footprint. The weir system ensures a treatment path, guaranteeing that when the water is pumped through the system it passes by the maximum amount of BOD-reducing bacteria possible.

The biodigester is also supplied with microbubble aeration to provide the highly aerobic environment required for bacteria to efficiently digest the organic waste. In addition to biodigesters, poly tanks are used to increase retention time in package systems. They are fitted with microbubble aerators, and often recirculation pumps are implemented to give the wastewater more than one pass through the system to maximize BOD reduction.

The benefits of ClearBlu packaged wastewater treatment systems are multifaceted:

  • Small footprint
    • Free up space for revenue-generating components, or enable space-constrained facilities the option for treatment where the possibility may not have existed otherwise.
  • Odor-free
    • ClearBlu offers robust automatic pH balancing systems that can be designed into the package system.
  • Easily expandable
    • Reduce initial capital investment upfront by designing a system that meets the needs of current production. Systems can easily grow with the facility by adding tanks and/or biodigesters to meet growing demand.
  • Relocation ability
    • If the business relocates to a new facility in the future, the system can be drained, dismantled, and moved to the new location, protecting the capital investment for the long haul.

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