ClearBlu Environmental specializes in ruggedized industrial wash bay treatment systems for a wide variety of industries. From heavy equipment dealers, garbage companies, agricultural, rental yards, municipalities, golf courses and more. Systems across industries maintain a consistent design, yet they are customized to suit individual customer requirements. Our systems are a simpler and less labor-intensive way to operate compared to others.

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Wash Bays Key Features

A ClearBlu wash bay treatment system have unique features that set them apart from other available technologies. This includes above ground, automated mud handling, biodigester technology, and completely ruggedized construction for system longevity.

Automated Mud Handling



Above ground, mud handling is accomplished by utilizing a self-cleaning lift station in conjunction with cone bottom settling tanks fitted with automatic pinch valve assemblies. All wastewater, mud, sand, small debris, grease, and oil are lifted into the above-ground settling tanks to accomplish a few important things. The solids that are captured by the system are rendered nonhazardous because all the grease and oil floats to the top of the tank while the solids settle to the bottom of the cone, where they are automatically purged into mud hoppers. This can save a tremendous amount of money because the dried mud can be sent to the landfill or land applied rather than paying to haul hazardous material. Additionally, by moving all solids into an above ground tank, the need for a costly third-party pump and haul events of in-ground separator vaults becomes unnecessary since all mud handling can be accomplished in-house.

Biodigester Technology

Biodigester technology utilizes powerful aeration and specialized bacteria to break down all hydrocarbons that enter the system. ClearBlu Environmental specializes in durable industrial wash bay treatment systems for numerous industries such as heavy equipment dealers, garbage companies, and more. Our expertise extends to agricultural, rental yards, municipalities, and golf courses, offering comprehensive solutions for their specific needs.

The main design concepts for systems across all industries remain the same, however, each system is tailored to meet the needs of each specific customer. ClearBlu is able to differentiate from other wash bay treatment systems in a few key ways that allow them to be more effective, simpler, and less labor intensive to operate as compared to other systems.

Ruggedized Construction

Ruggedized construction of ClearBlu equipment wash bay systems is an important benefit to consider. The industry standard for wash bay treatment systems is typically between 5 and 7 years. ClearBlu has put in years of research and development to design a system with a projected lifespan of 20 years. Our lift stations are fitted with a steel perf plate lid over the drive on a grate to keep out all large debris that can destroy pumps. All pumps employed are industrial cast iron construction and are rebuildable to handle the harsh conditions they will endure. Additionally, systems utilize all schedule 40 or 80 PVC rather than a hose to increase longevity, and all key plumbing is mounted on unistrut.

ClearBlu wash bays offer customization for facilities discharging treated wastewater or reclaiming it for reuse. Both systems employ similar technologies, but a reclaim system may have enhanced solids settling and longer retention time.


Wash Bay Portable Treatment Option

Clearblu offers a self-contained treatment system for equipment washwater treatment and reclamation. This system can work well in conjunction with a drive-in pit, or 3 stage separator for heavy mud applications, or on its own for moderate to low mud applications. The 20-foot container size makes the unit easy to move and install and to relocate at a later day. The unit can be used in conjunction with a ClearBlu portable washpad for complete flexibility.

Wash Bay Facility Uses

A facility that has sewer access may be required to treat wash bay wastewater either to comply with discharge requirements or to reduce sewer fees. ClearBlu treatment systems have proven for years that they are effective at removing solids and consistently meeting oil and grease discharge requirements, even under the strictest regulations.

Some facilities do not have access to sewer or want to reduce their environmental impact. In this case we can reclaim wastewater to reuse it and lower the water consumption, lowering cost as well. For these customers, we employ what is called a full reclaim wastewater treatment system. The only water that leaves the system is via evaporation, overspray, and drive-off and the rest is continuously treated and recycled. It can then be used again in high volume washers or hot pressure washers.

When the system runs low on water, fresh water solenoid valves operate on demand to add fresh water and bring the system back to an acceptable level. Some systems can be designed with rainwater storage tanks that collect rainwater when the system runs low. Full reclaim systems may choose to employ a small cold pressure washer that operates on freshwater for a final clean rinse of their vehicles.

ClearBlu Environmental is confident that we have a solution to meet the needs of your specific facility. It is our goal to build the most robust, effective, and appropriately designed system for your industrial wash bays. We also offer complete service contracts to maintain the systems and keep them running in top shape and reducing downtime. We specialize in wastewater so you don’t have to and provide industry-leading wash bay equipment.



Why does my wash bay smell?

Wash bay odor can be caused by the oils and greases trapped in the system that are not properly treated. ClearBlu uses aeration and high-strength microbes to ensure that wash water is fresh, clear and odor-free for re-use or discharge.

What makes ClearBlu wash bays different from others?

ClearBlu has decades of experience designing wash bays that are simple, durable and effective. Every year we improve our designs, and our customers will tell you that the difference is in performance. The truth is simple: our systems work. We can handle heavy mud, oil and grease, strict discharge requirements, spot-free rinse or even fully closed loop reclaim. Every wash bay is different, and we design them all from the ground up.

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