Winery Wastewater Treatment

Our systems help clients save money and reduce their environmental impact through energy conservation and the elimination of chemicals. These systems help our clients to be confident that their wastewater is within compliance regulations without daily maintenance.

Our systems help to reduce or eliminate the need for expensive pond dredging. Additionally, with water reclamation becoming ever more important in California, we strive to enable our clients to recycle water in a timely and effective manner.

winery wastewater treatment

With ClearBlu technology, wineries can:

Case Studies

Our systems are applicable to any size winery. We build completely new systems as well as retrofit existing systems. Browse through our winery case studies below:

winery wastewater treatment

Biodigester Technology

ClearBlu installs the most effective winery wastewater treatment systems available. We are a design/build contractor. Utilizing biodigester technology, our capital costs for systems are significantly lower than other systems. Why? Because we are not utilizing municipal wastewater system technology to treat winery waste. They represent two different problems.

Winery wastewater contains sugars and grape organics. This narrow profile means that it is easier to treat. Typically engineering firms will spend 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars designing systems that are overly complex, very costly to install, difficult to operate and expensive to maintain. By focusing on the content of the waste stream, ClearBlu installs systems with much smaller footprints. If ponds are utilized, less than 24% of the acreage engineers require will be needed. We eliminate chemical usage by eliminating DAF and SAF systems.

Stages of Winery Wastewater Treatment

Ultrafine Bubble Technology

ClearBlu employs floating ultrafine bubble technology that generates sub 20-micon bubbles. The bubbles are so fine that the surface tension of tank or pond water overcomes the buoyancy of the bubble and it can be pushed to the bottom of a tank or pond. At the same time, they operate at 20 to 30% of the power required for other aerators and blowers. In face, when we retrofit systems we customarily obtain utility rebates.

In confined areas without ponds, treatment can be accomplished with the use of tanks and biodigesters. 30 to 60 day holding times? Never. We can effectively reduce BOD and suspended solids from 12 to 36 hours. Huge pondage or holding tanks are no longer required.

What does treatment cost?

With each winery comes different needs and systems setup to achieve the best treatment results. We will provide a custom quote for each winery on an individual basis. No overpaying for equipment you don’t need.

Purchasing Equipment

ClearBlu offers the option for you to pay for your equipment. Once installed the equipment is your property and we will provide service when necessary.

Rent / Lease Equipment

ClearBlu also offers an option to rent or lease the equipment as a way to avoid a larger upfront cost. We will also provide service as part of payment process

Contracting Option

ClearBlu also offers the option to contract with us for a treatment system with maintenance for a fixed monthly cost.

winery wastewater treatment

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