Primary Treatment with Aerobic Digestion

ClearBlu specializes in aerobic digestion for the primary treatment of wastewater. Historically, aerobic digestion has not normally been used for high strength wastewater treatment since the aerobic reaction has variable effects based upon feed rates, variations in the feed material, temperature fluctuations, etc. Yet aerobic digestion can be much more complete than anaerobic digestion and far more efficient than using MBR or SBR technology. A continuous flow of aerobic digestion has a number of powerful benefits:

  • Continuous flow. The process allows for the continuous flow of wastewater and does not limit the operator to batch sequencing or require constant observation and maintenance.
  • No odor. Many methodologies can produce undesirable odors. Functioning aerobic systems have no offensive odors.
  • Low maintenance. Aerobic systems do not require full-time operators.
  • No sludge. Aerobic systems are capable of complete digestion. Activated sludge is essentially undigested organic waste.
  • Variable form factors. Aerobic digestion can work in ponds, tanks, or biodigesters, depending upon available real estate for primary treatment.
  • Lower capital cost. Aerobic digestion systems are always lower in capital cost than other technologies.

primary treatment