A keg manufacturing, servicing, and washing company was planning a new facility that would require their wastewater to be screened and pH balanced prior to discharging to the municipality. This facility generates 200 gallons per minute of wastewater with maximum flows of up to 300 GPM. The water generated in this facility often exceeds 180 F and contains both acidic and caustic chemicals. ClearBlu worked with the company to integrate the pH treatment design into the facility plans seamlessly.

The process wastewater drains to a vinyl ester high-temperature lift station 5 feet in diameter x 16 feet deep with CPVC internal plumbing. The vinyl ester and CVPC construction can hold up to the aggressive chemicals and temperature in the wastewater. Two high-temperature submersible pumps lift the wastewater into a high-efficiency wedgewire hydroscreen.  The screen gravity flows to the high-capacity automatic pH adjustment unit.


ClearBlu designed a custom pH adjustment unit in a 10,000-gallon fiberglass tank. The tank allows both equalization and rapid mixing when chemical addition is required. This tank was designed with two mixing manifolds and pumps to ensure thorough mixing of the chemicals. The Hach controller automates the adjustment process: when the pH sensors record a pH outside the allowable range, the controller signals to the chemical pump on a 4 to 20 mA signal to dose either caustic or acid.  The pH sensors have an automatic self-cleaning mechanism.  Since high-strength wastewater can blind a pH sensor in minutes, this automatic cleaning system prevents blinding and extends the time between calibrations.

ClearBlu controls can provide telemetry with real-time web-based information and graphs as well as an alarm on the website or on the customer staff mobile phones and devices.

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