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There are several very critical differences between Kinetico softeners and all other softeners. They are never less expensive than other units such as Culligan.

All softeners must regenerate and flush their vessels with saltwater. Most softeners are very simplistic. The installer estimates how often they should regenerate and then sets the onboard clock to regenerate the night before in the middle of the night. So the softener is regenerating whether or not it needs to. This uses quite a bit of extra salt. The other problem is that if they need to regenerate in the middle of the day because the facility has used extra soft water, they cannot and simply supply unsoftened water. Since they only have one vessel, there is usually no redundancy option.

Kinetico’s are completely different. They are non-electric and have a built-in flow meter. They measure the flow used and when the soft water is depleted, they automatically regenerate, even during business hours. How can they do this? All Kinetico’s have redundant vessels, so two vessels. They simply switch to the second vessel. This normally saves about 20% of the salt consumption, but it can be as much as 50%. Also, in the event that salt is not a good alternative because it can blind a leach field, potassium can be used. An additional feature is their flow capability. If there is a need for additional flow, they can be equipped to use both vessels simultaneously.

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