Our liquid microbes are a spore mixture of six patented Pseudomonas and Bacillus bacteria strains. Each strain produces multiple enzymes, resulting in an extremely powerful biological treatment product. These liquid microbes are designed for use in wastewater treatment systems including municipal sewage plants, food processing wastewater and livestock manure ponds and lagoons, or areas where large volumes of waste require treatment. Liquid microbe dosing is calculated to meet the specific needs of each facility.

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The ClearBlu Difference:

If you are purchasing liquid bacteria, there is a good chance that the supplier has diluted the product, making the bacteria concentration lower. In addition, adding water to a liquid product will significantly degrade its life expectancy by introducing contaminants and other bacteria.

ClearBlu products are undiluted and produced and packaged under sterile conditions. We offer the strongest blends of treatment bacteria and we clearly publish the strength of our products.

We are one of the only suppliers offering blends containing Pseudomonas for the rapid digestion of grease and oil. Liquid products do not contain these strains as they do not survive in a liquid base as do Bacillus. Our Pseudomonas contain one strain that aerobically converts nitrates, eliminating the need for anaerobic treatment to lower nitrate counts.

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Product Specifications

  • The microbes must be hydrated before they become active and this can take several days. Pre-hydrated microbes begin generating almost immediately.
  • Using liquid microbes allows plants and systems to receive an even, steady flow of microbes. Instead of weekly doses, microbes can be dosed in hourly. This provides a much more even digestion rate and helps accommodate shocks such a rapid change in pH.
  • Liquid microbes can more easily withstand shock. Warm water, cold water, water high in BOD, water that is low or high in pH can kill off a significant percentage of the population. These problems are mitigated with hydrated microbes.

Liquid Microbes & Process Sheet

Purchasing a sample:

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