Aquaculture Tablets are a solid, bacteria-based, application-specific product used to remove organic matter from a variety of water systems containing fish and animal wastes or decaying plant material.

A stable aquatic environment is a delicate balance between creation and removal of wastes. If this balance is disturbed then water may become cloudy and dissolved oxygen levels depleted

by high demand. Compounds toxic to aquatic life can also build up, making it difficult to restore balance without excessive and expensive cleaning.

The key to keeping healthy ponds is the maintenance of high water quality. The common means to achieve high-quality clean water is an effective biological filtration system and aeration. Effective biological filters rely on the build-up of a microbial biomass that removes solid and dissolved waste materials.

Clarity Tablets work quickly from under the surface of the water to degrade sludge, prevent future build-up, and maintain water quality safe for sustaining aquatic life.

Advantages of Aquaculture Tablets

  • Optimized proprietary bacterial consortium to degrade a broad range of organic matter for removal of fish and feed wastes
  • Can help increase levels of dissolved oxygen
  • Bacteria also degrade decaying plant material; reducing suspended solids, silt and sediment
  • Safe, fast aquatic biological filter start-up and improved filter performance, reducing the frequency of water changes
  • Helps removal of toxic substances that form during anaerobic metabolism (volatile fatty acids) preventing septicity and stabilizing pH
  • Reduces shock to pond life that can arise with large water changes
  • Helps maintain water clarity and promote a healthy environment
  • Removes the need for other chemical purification methods
  • Regular dosing will enhance water quality, leading to reductions in ammonia, nitrite and phosphate concentrations
  • Bacillus species 100% in spore form providing long product shelf life
  • Bacteria selected to work in condition of high salinity and low oxygen
  • Manufactured in accordance with recognized international standards, ISO 9001

Technical Specifications

Targeted Compounds
Organic debris, sludge build-up, cellulose

Bacteria Count
3.00e+09 cfu/g bacillus spores

Formula Properties
Off-white tablet with characteristic odor (available in Canadian approved (CB) formulation)

Performance Properties
Effective pH range: 4.0-11.0 | temperature range: 45-120°f (5-50°c)

50lb box; 2 x 25 lb bags available in 3g, 7g, 10g and 25g tablets. (shelf life of 24 months in an original unopened container)