Worthy Brewing approached ClearBlu Environmental at the Craft Brewers Conference. The brewery was still in its planning stages but knew that some extent of wastewater treatment would need to be incorporated to satisfy city requirements.


ClearBlu worked closely with the facility’s architect and engineers to incorporate plans and allocate space for a complete aerobic treatment system at the facility. Upon startup, the brewery was only required to implement a pre-treatment system, which includes solids screening, settling, and automatic pH balancing. They have all ruggedized equipment that will support their system through the brewery’s expected expansion. Duplex lift stations with high temp, stainless steel pumps are designed to work with the high-temperature, acidic water produced by the brewery. The parabolic screen includes automatic spray bars for self-cleaning and is designed with 0.5 mm wedge wire for maximum removal of particulate matter. The cone bottom settling tank is equipped with an automatic pinch valve that will purge settled sludgy material into dewatering hoppers. pH balancing equipment includes digital controls and a self-cleaning probe to ensure accurate pH readings and to prevent over or under-dosing of correction chemicals. The system has audible and visual alarms incorporated too quickly to alert the facility if something is wrong.


At this point in time, the facility is able to send the water to sewer after pH correction. As the brewery increases its production, aerobic digestion will be incorporated at a rate that matches the facility’s needs.