RDO Equipment is a family-owned and operated provider of state-of-the-art products and support for the agriculture and construction industries. What started as a small dealership has grown immensely, RDO now owns and operates the largest networks of John Deere industrial stores and agricultural stores in the United States. Their network consists of 75 dealerships owned and operated in 10 states, focused on agriculture, construction, environmental, tree care, underground, and machine control, RDO Water, and sells quality brands such as John Deere, Vermeer, and Topcon. In addition, RDO currently operates in several international partnerships, including multiple locations in Russia, Ukraine, and Australia.

RDO was having issues with the amount of mud their equipment brought into their facilities. When washing equipment oil and grease from the engines and drive shank components would mix into the mud, which contaminated it and prevented RDO from simply hauling it away. Because the mud was contaminated RDO needed to have it processed and treated before discarding it, so they were forced to store it in debris boxes and stockpile it in yards. This process proved to be time-consuming and didn’t eliminate the core issue because they still had to work with an environmental service contractor to process the waste they’d been storing. To say this entire process was expensive would be an understatement. One California facility was spending over $54,000 a year to have mud pumped; they also had facilities outside of California spend $30,000 – $40,000 a year for the same service.


ClearBlu provided RDO an above ground mud separation system that does not use chemical, washes the mud so that it is free of oil and grease and separates the water. ClearBlu’s unique mud separation system eliminates the costly expense of pumping contaminated mud out of in-ground vaults. The clean and water separated mud can then be disposed of in regular debris boxes or trash dumpsters. This can represent up to a 90% reduction in operating expenses.


ClearBlu’s wash bay systems provide much needed flexibility for RDO’s expanding business. Our systems are scalable so if your business continues to grow you are able to add to your current system to meet larger needs. Our wash bays are also able to move to other locations if your facility changes or if you have a larger need for a wash bay elsewhere. Another benefit of our service utilized by RDO is our maintenance contracts, this keeps your custom system(s) running at peak capacity throughout its life. Our maintenance contract gives your business the best opportunity to maximize efficiency and profitability by monitoring your systems on a consistent basis.

RDO Equipment continues to utilize ClearBlu wash bays in their new facilities, eliminating their mud issue before it can arise.