A custom crush facility in Paso Robles, CA was discharging process wastewater into leach fields. The Winery approached ClearBlu to add a treatment system that would treat the wastewater to the necessary levels for land application. The Winery had lift stations that pumped process wastewater to a rotary drum screen that removed solids.


winery wastewater treatment

Existing Pre-Treatment Pad with ClearBlu pH Unit

ClearBlu designed a retrofit to the system that used the existing lift station and rotary screen. ClearBlu installed an automatic pH unit on the existing pre-treatment pad with the rotary screen.

Treatment is done in poly tanks with nano-bubble aeration and spraybars in the tanks control foaming generated in the aerobic treatment process. The nano-bubble generator uses pure oxygen to deliver five times more oxygen to microbes in the water. Outside of harvest, the Winery can use atmospheric air instead of oxygen to reduce operational costs. The tanks are accessible with a catwalk for service and maintenance. The Winery had a storage tank that was repurposed in the system design as a finish water tank for pumping treated wastewater to the irrigation system.


The treatment system is designed for a peak daily flow of 5,000 gallons during harvest and 7,000 mg/L BOD. With nano-bubble aeration and microbes, the Winery is able to reduce to the necessary levels for irrigating its vines.

Because the winery does not have a specialist to operate a treatment system, ClearBlu provides monthly service.  The winery performs a short daily checklist, must is not required to perform any maintenance or operation duties.

Treatment and Finish Water Tanks