ClearBlu is both a design/build system supplier and a manufacturer of wastewater products. We provide end-to-end solutions for wastewater treatment and more importantly, water reuse or reclamation. Our systems are designed for low maintenance costs and minimal customer intervention. We have:

wastewater solutions

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  • Design services
  • Engineering services
  • Project management
  • Logistics support
  • Full installation teams
  • Service and technical support team

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Why ClearBlu?

We keep these critical elements in mind for you:

  • Systems must make sense from a capital expenditure perspective. Payback analysis is part of what we provide.
  • Your company’s success depends upon successful capital projects, professionally executed.
  • Operational costs should be reasonable. ClearBlu systems outperform conventional technologies in reducing operating costs.
  • ClearBlu is a licensed General Contractor. All our projects are installed to the highest construction standards. Our GC license means you are protected by our license bond, general liability, and completed operations insurance as well as California State Contractors License Board standards.
  • Green systems mean more than just what is currently cool. Green systems utilize fewer or no chemicals whatsoever. They create less solid waste for you to deal with and they can help you dramatically reduce your use of precious fresh water supplies. Want to tell your customers your operation is Green? Call on ClearBlu for your wastewater solutions.