A large agricultural customer required a solution for washing harvesters, crawlers, and other heavy equipment. Their water contained extremely large quantities of very fine, silty mud, plenty of oil and grease and a high concentration of organic material from the fields. They were concerned about using underground tanks as clarifiers due to leakage issues and groundwater contamination. ClearBlu installed a complete above ground settling system with aerated tanks. Aeration promotes settling and bioreaction while the solids are being settled. After settling, the water is passed to a biodigester which eliminates grease, oil, and organics. The system has no odor whatsoever and provides reusable wash water.

ClearBlu provides washbay designs as well as complete construction services as a licensed General Contractor.

Settling capacity with seismic tank installation and automated mud handling.

All plumbing and electrical is organized for easy maintenance and repair.

All exterior plumbing is UV painted for long life.