Since suppliers must mix and transport fertilizer in bulk in cooler conditions, an automatic heating system can expedite the process and customer deliveries.  These are single skid systems with an extremely efficient and cost-effective design.

Systems Include:

  • Continuous flow heating system
  • Flow controls
  • Thermostat control
  • Start/stop timer

Customers Include:

  • Nutrien Ag Solutions
  • Ag RX
  • Crop Production Services
  • Western Farm Services
  • Boyer Fertilizer
  • The Dune Company

How It Works

To show you our systems, let’s take a look at a fertilizer heating system of ours. This is the HGM-2010 with a pump.

Pump Control

The booster pump is controlled via the pump switch on the panel and the C1 relay on the digital timer inside the box. Keep the switch in on position for normal operation, set the C1 relay on the timer for times to run. The unit is shipped with C1 between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM. To override the C1 setting and turn C1 on- press and briefly hold both the < and > blue buttons on the timer, press buttons again to turn C1 off. When the tank has reached temperature (monitored from the inlet thermostat), the pump will continue to run and recirculate as long as the C1 relay is on. The burner will turn back on if the temperature drops.

Burner Control

The burner switch must remain on to open the pilot valve and keep the pilot light lit. The Gas valve is controlled via the burner switch, flow switch, thermostat 1, thermostat 2, pump contactor, and the C2 relay on the timer; when C2 on the timer turns on the gas valve will open as long as the pump is running, flow switch engaged, and temperatures on the inlet and outlet thermostats are below their respective settings. The gas valve will close after the inlet thermostat reaches its set point and has tripped. C2 on the timer has been programmed to turn on at 6:00 AM and off at 8:00 AM. C2 relay can be turned on to check operation by pressing and briefly holding the > and OK blue buttons at the same time. Press buttons again to shut off the C2 override.

Operation Guidelines

After the heater module has been properly installed following the HGM unit manual to have a gas line installed, gas pressure set and burner tested.

System Breakdown

fertilizer heating system installation