Sure, we could toot our own horn. But we don’t need to do so when so many satisfied customers already speak on our behalf. When we begin a new project, our goal is total client satisfaction. We want to ensure our systems are everything you need to help you succeed in your industry.

We’re problem solvers. We listen to your concerns and we suggest the best and most economical methods to address them. Customers come to us with many different requests including reducing required maintenance time, installing biodigesters, saving energy, meeting requirements for land application, and reducing odors.

ClearBlu Environmental enjoys challenges. We like to support people. And we embrace sustainability in all we do. We hope you enjoy reading the case studies from some of our happy customers. We’d love it if your project was our next case study. Contact us today to see how we can solve your wastewater concerns.

Winery Case Studies

winery wastewater treatment

Bergfeld Vineyard

Bergfeld Vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards in the Napa Valley. They were having issues with a “rotten egg” smell and the loudness of the aging paddlewheel aerators. ClearBlu utilized energy reducing pond aeration.

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winery wastewater treatment

Castoro Cellars

Castoro Cellars needed an easier, less labor-intensive, and cheaper way to treat their wastewater. We were able to implement pond aeration and bacteria solution that provided a solution to their problems.

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Conn Creek Winery

The winery was unable to meet Napa County Health Department standards for land applying their wastewater, i.e., to use it as irrigation water, due to high TSS levels. ClearBlu was able to implement a pond aeration and bacteria solution that provided a solution to their problems.

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Daou Vineyards and Winery

Daou Vineyards and Winery, located in western Paso Robles, is a case winery that has recently undergone an expansion of their production operations. ClearBlu assisted by providing package treatment system.

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Jordan Winery

Jordan has one 300,000 gallon pond and one 150,000 gallon pond. They had built up 14″ of heavy sludge in pond one and wanted to reduce their energy consumption. ClearBlu helped them accomplish this with our pond aeration and bacteria technology.

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Scheid Vineyards

Scheid is a large custom crush and high-quality wine producer located in Greenfield, CA. They have the capacity to process up to 30,000 tons of fruit per year. ClearBlu helped them remove sludge from their water process this our pond aeration and bacteria technology.

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Paso Robles, CA Winery

A custom crush facility in Paso Robles, CA was discharging process wastewater into leach fields. The Winery approached ClearBlu to add a treatment system that would treat the wastewater to the necessary levels for land application.

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Brewery Case Studies

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

They were interested in increasing treatment capacity so they could irrigate using reclaimed wastewater. After discovering ClearBlu and visiting an existing installation they decided to incrementally add UltraFine Bubble aerators to increase treatment.

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Garrison Brewing

ClearBlu provided duplexing in-ground lift stations and a self-cleaning waterfall hydroscreen for the brewery who self-installed the equipment. ClearBlu design and instructions made it possible for the brewery to install the lift stations and screen themselves.

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Real Ale Brewing Co.

A scaled primary and secondary wastewater treatment system enables a Texas craft brewery to meet municipal discharge limits. ClearBlu Environmental designed the system with lift stations, screening and dewatering equipment, pH balancing, and an aerated lagoon.

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Worthy Brewing Company

ClearBlu worked closely with the facility’s architect and engineers to incorporate plans and allocate space for a complete aerobic treatment system at the facility. Upon startup, the brewery was only required to implement a pre-treatment system.

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brewery wastewater treatment

Blanco, Texas Brewery

An efficient treatment system was required to process the wastewater generated by the brewery. ClearBlu Environmental designed the pretreatment system.

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High Capacity Brewery Wastewater Pre-Treatment System

A keg manufacturing, servicing, and washing company was planning a new facility that would require their wastewater to be screened and pH balanced prior to discharging to the municipality.

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Rogue Ale & Spirits

Rogue Ale & Spirits is a brewery in Newport, OR that discharges process wastewater to the sewer system. They improved their system with ClearBlu, see how it was done here!

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